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Séminaire de philologie classique
Faculté de philosophie, Skopje
République de Macédoine

Živa Antika publishes papers that make an original contribution to all areas of knowledge covered by the notion of Classics, as well as to our knowledge of Antiqui- ty in general. This includes Greek and Latin language and literature, philosophy, my- thology and religion, ancient history and archaeology, art, architecture and culture – from the dawn of the Classical civilisation until the 6th century AD, as well as later classical reception and influences. We especially encourage works focused on the ancient peoples and tribes of the Balkans, their history, art and culture, as well as their interactions with the classi- cal Greco-Roman sphere.
Finally, we publish epigraphical, numismatical and archaeological studies with a notable impact on the philological and historical research of the space and time to which Živa Antika is dedicated.

In principle, Živa Antika publishes papers in all languages of global commu-
nication among scholars. By tradition, papers in south Slavic languages are also ac- cepted (however, please see the note below).

The standard length of an article is up to 11,000 words, including notes. Arti-cles longer than 16,000 words are usually not accepted for publication; all exceptions are left to the discretion of the Board of Editors.

An abstract of up to 300 words should be included at the beginning of your
submission. If the paper is written in a south Slavic language, an extensive summary in English (500-1000 words) should be included on the last page.

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