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The German socialist and deputy, Hermann Wendel,
may be a good Marxist and a splendid tribune in parliament, but in his articles on Macedonia published in
« Die Glocke », «Arbeiter-Zeitung» and «Vorwarts», he
showed himself very ill-informed, not to use a stronger term,
in regard to Balkan questions. His articles are so superficial and as devoid of any scientific basis, as they are
rash. Hermann Wendel ignores the works of competent
learned men who have written on Macedonia as far back
as the beginning of the last century, when there was no
Balkan question, nor any odious chauvinistic rivalries
between Serbians and Bulgarians or between Greeks and
Bulgarians; he also ignores international conferences,
which have sanctioned with protocols and maps the
ethnical feature of Macedonia.


But the most important
thing is, that Hermann Wendel ignores also all that the
very population of Macedonia itself has done by its schools,
its struggles for ecclesiastical independence and by its
political revolutions designed to safeguard its national
and political rights. For the schools, the struggle for
ecclesiastical independence and the revolutions for political freedom speak very strongly in favor of the national
consciousness of Macedonia — a fact which Wendel unreservedly denies.
— 4 —
We purpose to bring out, underscore and call to
mind all these efforts an struggles of a martyred population, which with the deepest consciousness and an unparalleled self-abnegation has fought for its self preservation,
and which leaves far behind it all that other downtradden
nations of Europe have done for the preservation of their
ethnical individuality and their religious and political
independence. The quotations given below were first
published in a special bock in 1905, whence we borrow

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