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THERE is scarce a statesman in Europe to-day
who would not willingly sacrifice years of office to know exactly what Bulgaria is driving at. No
sooner does one Ministerial declaration insinuate
that she is at last beginning to recognize where lie her true interests, than hot upon its track comes
another which throws us back into confusion worse
confounded. By general profession, however, Bulgaria holds herself up for sale. ” Look upon us
as mercenaries” said a highly placed Bulgarian
politician to a
” Weekly Dispatch” representative. “It is our duty to ourselves to be mercenary. . . . As a matter of fact, we cannot think
of humanity, or civilization, or any of the other
ethical inducements. It is our business to think
only of Bulgaria.”

to Serbia in 1913 was so distasteful to them that
they ignored all chances of failure, overlooked the
“benefits which would have accrued even to them
from a preservation of the Balkan League, and
precipitated the war which left them in such sorry
plight. The most unfortunate result for them was
not that they lost Central Macedonia and Kavalla,
not that they returned to their frontiers minus half
their artillery, but that they failed to learn the
self-sought lesson.

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