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DICTIONARY OF FORESTRY, ecology & environment

390 ден

Contents : Macedonian-English-Francais-Deutsch Forestry Dictionary

English-Macedonian Forestry Dictionary

Dictionnaire Forestier Francais – Macedonienne

Deutsch-Makedonisches Forestworterbuch

Latin-Macedonian botanical dictionary in forestry

Latin-English-French-German Forest botanical dictionary

General Abbreviations




The dictionary contains terms used today in forest science, management and conservation, comprising forest ecology, forest entomology and pathology, forest fire management, forest geomatics, forest meteorology and hydrology, forest soils and geomorphology, forest surveys and mensuration, genetics and tree improvement, harvesting and forest operations, integrated forest management, photogrammetry and remote sensing, physico-mechanical properties of wood, processing (panels, pulp and paper, sawing, etc.), silviculture, agroforestry, urban forestry, wildlife and wilderness management and arboriculture, wood anatomy and structure.