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Democracy in China-China’s Influence & American Interests


In February 2018 twenty-three American and ten foreign academics,
diplomats, journalists and think tank members met at the Annenberg
Foundation Trust’s Sunnylands estate in Southern California to launch
a project to map the challenges posed by the People’s Republic of China’s growing quest—in what Beijing propagandists call a “discourse war,”
huayuzhan (话语战)—to influence civic discussions in societies outside the
sovereign borders of China.

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Over the following months, participants in our Working Group on Chinese Influence Activities in the United States researched and drafted eight chapters assessing the nature and extent of China’s influence-seeking activities in different sectors of American society, while our international associates contributed overviews of these efforts in eight other developed countries. The draft papers were discussed in several follow-up meetings and initially released as a report in November 2018. Following the release, we made modest revisions in response to new information and some specific concerns that were subsequently raised. This book represents the final version of our working group report.

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