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Plan to Publish


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Publishing Planner
We’ve created this planner to help you figure out where you are
in the publishing process and get you thinking about some of
the big decisions you’ll be making. While we hope you’ll want
to work with us, even if you don’t, our planner will be a valuable
tool for you

Објавено од:
Автор на книгата: Mill City Press
Датум на објавување: 01/08/2019
ISBN: 9785066666652
Боја на текстот: Црно-бела
Боја на страниците: Бела
Големина на страниците: 5' x 8' (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
Боја на корицата: Мат

The best way to start is by answering some basic questions. Your
answers will help determine the types of publishing services that
might be right for you.
• Have you completed at least a first draft of your manuscript?
• What are your publishing expectations?
• What’s your publishing timeline?
• Have you determined your budget?
• What types of editing can benefit your book?
• Have you thought about how you’d like your cover and interior
to look?
• What types of distribution options are right for you?
• What types of marketing will help you achieve your goals?

W h e r e A m I ?
Where are you in the vast expanse of the publishing landscape?
Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the publishing information
out there? Wonder what you should do next?
First, answer this question: Have you finished your manuscript?



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